My introduction to the “pitch competition” and our guest panelists

Investor Pitches

Here are the 15 presentations by the students of BUS 477:

InterAktif / InterMenus – Christine Chow, Amanda Kuit
Presentation                                                 Feedback
HERT Systems Inc. – Jason XU, Nicolas Hanzl
Presentation Feedback
TomGo – Alex Tsou, Josh Brown
Presentation Feedback
Dicere – Andy Huang, Ian Lasuardi
Presentation Feedback
Techstyles / Nomad Pen – Brook Ewert, Wassel Abdellaoui
Presentation Feedback
Arc Seven Technologies – Cody Watson, Somnath Suresh
Presentation Feedback
Rockstar Applications – Jared Symonds, Celeste Bickford, Leah Lim
Presentation Feedback
Multi-Tainment Systems – Leah Kruger, Carlie Lazzari
Presentation Feedback
Generix – Jason Wong, Natalie Yeung, Winnie Wu
Presentation Feedback
Vortecks – Daniel Mathews, Anders Fung
Presentation Feedback
PAT Ltd. – Signe Olsson, Adam Pietrowski
Presentation Feedback
Clairvoyant Technologies – Matt Churchill, Rob Van Seters
Presentation Feedback
Flow Inc/Windtreads – Sundeep Sumal, Allison Roersma, Trang Nguyen
Presentation Feedback
Carve – Jeffrey Lam, Tony Ho
–Presentation (see below) Feedback
Biometric Transaction Technologies – Hao-Chien Ma, Issac Wang
Presentation Feedback


Ken Spencer Business Plan Competition

Five of the business concepts presented above were selected to
participate in the SFU Ken Spencer Business Plan Competition for cash
and bragging rights. (Sorry, your grades were already in!) Which ones
do you think were selected?

Candidate Candidate Candidate
Candidate Candidate

An independent panel of judges selected the following teams in the
following order as winners of the 2008 Ken Spencer competition.

1st Prize – $3,000 2nd Prize – $1,500 3rd Prize – $500


  • note:  Carve was winner of the top award.  Carve has since gone ahead with a patent application.  Their ability to obtain a patent could be compromised if the idea gets out, so I have not made their presentation public


Thank You!

Pulling this off successfully took a lot of behind the scenes work from a lot of people.

The students of BUS 477.
Congrats to each and every one of you for accomplishing what you did
with the resources and time frames you had to work with. Your business
plans and presentations blew the sox off my expectations and made me
very proud to have been a part of this class.
Our guest investors. Yaron,
Ernie, Jim, Ben, thank you for taking
your evening to share your real life perspectives with
the class. I hope that one day soon, some of the students will be
knocking on your doors with some “real” deals for you!
The SFU audio-visual team.
Thank you Andrew Szendrey for your help with getting
things set up, Sam Scott for filming the presentations and Jordan
Paterson for all of your help with editing and getting the presentations
up on the web.
SFU Undergrad Business. Many
thanks to Colleen Collins, Maria Lambert and the admin staff of SFU
undergrad business for all of your behind the scenes help with making
this class what it was. Special thanks to Colleen for taking money out of a very tight budget to fund the film production

Ean Jackson
Instructor, BUS 477