The objective of this course is to provide a hands-on understanding of entrepreneurship. Students will learn what investors look for when evaluating a business opportunity and develop confidence presenting their business concepts in a supportive classroom environment.

BUS477 is offered in parallel with ENSC201. Two (2) students of BUS 477 (business majors) are assigned to a team with 3-4 students of ENSC 201 (engineering majors). The engineering students pick a technical idea. The business students create the plan for how to take it to market. During the semester, teams meet to develop the plan. At the conclusion of the class, BUS477 students present their team business plan proposals to the class and a panel of professional investors.

The top 5-7 plans developed within the class will be submitted to the Ken Spencer SFU Business/Engineering Venture Plan competition where they will be eligible for cash awards.

Syllabus (Overview)
This is a brief, high-level overview of the course.

Syllabus (Detailed)
This is a detailed course syllabus. Please read and print this, as it is the only syllabus for this course. We will discuss and clarify any questions you have in Class #1.