Survey 2

We’ve completed 3 of 13 classes in BUS 477. By now, you should have a good academic idea about what entrepreneurship is, what a career as an
entrepreneur might look like and how entrepreneurs come up with ideas. From the practical perspective, you should be part of a management team
and have a business idea that you will develop from now to the end of the semester.

Is BUS 477 turning out to be the course you thought it was?

Please take a few moments to tell me about your experience in BUS 477 so far by completing this short online survey. As I mentioned in class, I can tell that you have taken the survey, but I can’t tell who provided which answer. Please be honest with your answers and as thorough as possible by sharing your thoughts in the comment boxes. I use your feedback when I select guest speakers, supplementary materials and discussion topics.

Please take this survey now. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. If I have 30 responses by Monday evening, I will summarize the
results and we can review in class next week.