Survey 1

During BUS 477, I will ask you to take 3 or 4 online surveys. These short surveys take less than 5 minutes to answer.  They help me make adjustments to the course you are taking and improve BUS477 for future students.

The surveys are anonymous.  I can tell who in the class has taken the survey, but I can’t tell which response belongs to which student.  That means you have an anonymous outlet to share your true feelings about the class.  It also gives me another way to objectively assign your individual participation grade.

How do the surveys work?  I provide a link (URL) to the survey on this website.  You follow the link, answer a few rating questions about the class and share any specific feedback or suggestions.  These are very short surveys, so I generally make them active for one week only. I will generally shut down a survey the evening before a class so we can discuss in class.  I aim to share survey results on the class website and dedicate a few minutes of class time to it, as well.

Pre-Class Survey

Before starting a class, I like to get a general idea of who is taking it.  I also like to get an idea of your personal background and expectations, so I might do all I can to make the class relate to your personal goals.

If you are registered for BUS477 or you are on the wait list, please take a moment to answer <a href=”” target=”_blank”>this pre-class survey</a> before the first class on Wednesday 3 September.

See you on Wednesday!