You should by now have received a note from me indicating the letter grade I assigned you for BUS477 and exactly how you earned it. Please let me know ASAP if your grade on an assignment is differnet that what I confirmed in the note, as I plan to submit all grades before the Ken Spencer Competition on Wednesday 3 December.

I truly enjoyed our class this semester and I hope you did, too.

While it’s the end of BUS477, this may be the beginning of your entrepreneurial career!

Please be sure to let me know of your career plans. It’s tough to get good refereces for that first job, and if BUS477 is relevant, I am open to providing a professional reference for you. If you plan to entering your venture in any business plan competitions, I’m happy to help as an advisor.

As promised, I will maintain this website for your ongoing use. If you come across resources you feel would benefit future BUS477 students or entrepreneurs in general, please post them here.

Thank you for all of your contributions to the class and my sincerest best wishes for success at SFU and in your career,


PS Class participation grades are in, but even if you’re not a contestant, give some thought to supporting your classmates at the Ken Spencer Competition on Wednesday 3 December at 5:00. It’s in our former classroom. Great opportunity to hook up with former classmates… and there’s free food and (I think) booze!