Class Participation

As you know, BUS477 is very participation-oriented. In total, participation counts for 10% of your grade in this class. That’s not as much as an assignment, but it’s enough to make a difference in your final letter grade.

I’d like to to tell me the grade you feel you earned.

I’d like to do this for 4 reasons:

  1. I believe it will encourage you to participate even more during the last half of the class. That will benefit you.
  2. It will give you the opportunity to assess yourself and put your best foot forward
  3. It will provide you a better opportunity to assess what “participation” means
  4. It will provide me with a benchmark

I will still grade you. However, before I assign your participation grade, I would consider what you feel your participation was worth and why you felt this way.

Don’t want to grade yourself? No problem. It’s an opportunity, not a requirement.

Format? A simple email report is fine. This is a business report, so make it clear and convincing. Bullet points are great. Spelling and grammar mistakes are not.

Grading criteria? Please grade yourself /100 for class participation (5%) and /100 for community participation (5%). Be sure to justify your conclusions with facts. See the FAQ for details.

  • Due date: ¬†Within 5 days of the last day of class (elevator pitch.) I plan to submit your grades within a week of our last class, so you might want to start your note now! Wink

Questions? Recommendations?